[New!] How to Dim Out Strobing and Flashing Lights on iPhone

What to know

  • With the ‘Dim Flashing Lights’ feature in iOS 16.4 beta, the iPhone can dim the display when it senses flashing or strobing effects on the screen.
  • To enable it, head to Settings > Accessibility > Motion, and then enable the toggle for Dim Flashing Lights at the bottom. 

Since its release in September 2022, iOS 16 has undergone major changes as Apple continued to improve its OS for iPhone. Recently, Apple released the iOS 16.4 beta update, which includes some new and interesting features that improve users’ experience of the iPhone by a notch. One of these new features is “Dim Flashing Lights” which will dim out the screen instantly once it senses any strobing or flashing effect on the screen to reduce the strain it may cause to your eyes and health. Let’s see how to enable the Dim Flashing Lights feature to dim the screen when a video plays strobing or flashing lights.

What is the new “Dim Flashing Lights” feature in iOS and how does it work?

Flashing and strobing lights can cause many health-related problems and lead to seizures in the worst cases. As more and more people switch to their mobile devices for daily content consumption, there is always the risk of your video content unexpectedly displaying flashing or strobing lights. The new Dim Flashing Lights feature in iOS 16.4 (currently only in beta, as of March 6th, 2023) helps curb this by intelligently analyzing your video content and dimming the display whenever repeated strobing or flashing lights are detected.

Supported content like shows and movies hosted on Apple TV will also pre-warn you about flashing or strobing lights in the video timeline so you can skip it accordingly. 

How to enable “Dim Flashing Lights” on your iPhone

Here’s how you can enable the Dim Flashing Lights feature on your iPhone.


As of March 6th, 2023, you need iOS 16.4 beta 2 or later to use this feature.


Use these steps to enable your iPhone’s “Dim Flashing Lights” feature.

Open the Settings app and tap Accessibility.

Tap Motion.

Now scroll down and enable the toggle for Dim Flashing Lights.

When enabled, the toggle will turn green.

And that’s it! The feature will now be enabled, and your display will be automatically dimmed the next time flashing lights are detected in your video content.

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